Partner blog – Getting started with webinars

One of our partner organisations is The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – Insurance Information to Employers. We are helping them to launch webinars to inform and open a dialogue with their customers. Julia Utbult has agreed to write blog posts here with her reflections on the learning process. Here is her first post.

Bild Julia Utbult_storThere are two of us here who are responsible for our webinar initiative. First we had to test the webinar platform Adobe Connect and we started each in our own room. I tried to simulate a webinar by being host one one computer and participant in another. It’s hard to navigate when I’m sharing web pages and I can’t really get the hang of how to handle all the material I need to upload (film, music) and as a result I got rather stuck.

It was only when my colleague and I sat down together that we really got the hang of the new environment and I began to navigate with more confidence between layouts, shared workspaces and got used to the settings for microphone and video. We simply logged in and out of the room till we felt we knew how to get the sound and video settings right. We click around, share and talk about all the different pods and discuss how to use them in the best way. Should we prepare 10 different layouts with the shared material all set up or should we have one layout and share one thing at a time? We can’t decide yet but decide to try several approaches when we do our first demo webinar.

I’ve started thinking about what subjects to take up when we go live; maybe our initial idea and objectives are not perfect and we should consider a narrower focus. We have promised to run a demo webinar for several project members 29 January. We haven’t really received any guidelines and it’s hard to know how we should use the time available. We decided anyway to stick to our original plan – a short introduction to our organisation and our collective insurance schemes. We upload some PowerPoints, a film and at the end we’ll use a poll question. I suspect the participants will see this as a broadcast rather than a meeting and I reflect on the difference between a live session and a pre-recorded one. In many ways it feels best to have a live meeting – I think people reserve time for it and actually sit and watch if it takes place at a set time. If it is a pre-recorded film that you always have access to it often gets buried in the to-do list. It will be interesting to see what kind of feedback we get. So much is unclear and the material and questionnaire is not really adapted to our target group but simply for this demo session. Then there is the chat session – will we get it going, how do we use it and keep track of it when we go live? Is it always so good to have it open? Let’s see. Tomorrow it’s time to try!

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise Insurance Information for employers offers companies that have signed or intend to sign a collective insurance agreement service pertaining to this insurance. The company uses the name Finfa in digital media.


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