Partner blog – Workshop

2015-02-17 049One of our partner organisations is The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – Insurance Information to Employers. Here is Julia Utbult’s third post reflecting on a workshop with us on making webinars more communicative. 

We had a workshop!

This time we actually had prepared as planned. We had our questions (which we also had shared in advance with the project group) . We had been clear about times and sent a proper invitations.

Did it go as planned. No. Why? Technical difficulties 😦  A non-working mouse, odd behavior on Adobe Connect’s part and a non-cooperative audio function for one of the participants. Darn. Well well, these things happen (and the most difficult thing is to accept them without frustration and work around it). Eventually it all worked, and as a bonus we learned how to request and receive control of other participants’ screens – isn´t that marvellous!?!  That I, or you, with the help of Adobe Connect actually can guide/help a participant using their own mouse and browser. I can see so many good uses of this in our line of work!

The questions we had chosen to address are written in another post (by David) so I will not go in to them in detail here. I’m content with the workshop and have received many tips on how to increase interactivity and establish a feel of connection with participants. I will strive to make these great ideas come to practical use and explore them along the way towards effective webinars.


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