Partner blog – going live

Bild Julia Utbult_storOne of our partner organisations is The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – Insurance Information to Employers. Here is Julia Utbult’s fourth post reflecting on their first live webinar with customers.

Now we have laid the foundations of our work with webinars. We have started on a basic level with limited interaction. I think I need to become comfortable first before I do too much and invite too high level of interaction. I believe that the more we get used to the tool Adobe Connect and the more comfortable we become with talking out loud to a computer – the easier it will feel and the more interaction with participants we can handle. We have decided to go along with exactly the same concept for our first five webinars. During the time we will think about and decide on topics and times for webinars this fall.

We have experienced a lot of technical bumps and it is a lot to think about, sizes and formats on videos, cameras that “freeze” flash installations and our firewall that blocks unexpected things. I’m no tech freak – so all this causes a lot of confusion and uncertainty. But I hope I will get used to it and find my way through all popups and weird things happening. How I wish I was better at all computer stuff and that our company did not have such rigorous firewalls etc.!


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