Partner blog – Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

We have another exciting partner in the project, Swedish medical university Karolinska Institute, who are planning to use webinars in a MOOC with thousands of participants. This involves new challenges .

Planning for a webinar during a live MOOC – exciting and challenging

Maria Kvarnström (Karolinska Institute)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.58.30 AMKarolinska Institute’s CLK (Center for Learning and Knowledge) in conjunction with Professor Lars Henningsohn will offer a MOOC called Introduction to Urology, open to a wide variety of participants from all over the world. We hope the course will appeal to both the general public as well as clinical health care students and we aim to provide a learning journey that will be interesting as well as challenging. To optimize the experience we would like to offer an opportunity to get together and meet the course instructors for an interactive session – a webinar!

We have various experiences of using and/or attending webinars and find it indeed useful and valuable and that the interaction could be, well not as meeting face to face but actually something like it when it works well…

So we have decided to give it a try with this MOOC! Now that we have taken the first steps in the planning, we realize that there are many aspects to consider especially the technical aspects that you can’t always control. It’s certainly challenging to master for the sheer number of participants, the course is expected to be indeed massive with thousands of participants and it will be necessary to somehow set a limit for possible attendees (and later make the recording available for everyone to at least watch it). To still make it interactive with lots of participants will take some thinking. To us it is crucial that the participants will experience interaction, if not we might as well do a webcast (which could be an extra task in addition to the pre-recorded material, it would still encompass the current issues) but that would not be as meaningful or fun – as we hope this webinar will be something to remember.

We hope to offer the learners not only an interesting learning experience concerning the subject of urology, but as a bonus, we also hope people can discover the benefits and opportunities of webinars.

The MOOC “Introduction to urology” will launch September 12, 2015 on edX, and we promise it will be interesting to anyone with an interest in urology – everyone is most welcome to sign up. Check also the course’s Twitter tag #KIurologyX.


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