Partner blog – The live webinar of the KI Urology MOOC – no turning back!

KIUrology_course_banner608x211 copy
Image: Peter Stedt, Johan Inganni, Karolinska Institute (with permission)

The project is helping to run a webinar on a major MOOC from Karolinska Institute, Introduction to Urology. Here’s an update from our partner there, Maria Kvarnström.

Time flies and next week (September 28th) it is time for our webinar in the MOOC Introduction to urology!

Still it does seem like a good idea; to offer interaction and a chance to “meet” the course instructor in a live event would hopefully give an extra dimension to the experience of the course. However, it also feels a bit like throwing ourselves out in the open where anything could happen (!) but as we are brave and really want to “meet” the participants we will do it!

The course has over 4,500 participants from all over the world and this presents a number of challenges when preparing a synchronous online meeting like this. We have needed to discuss how many participants the meeting room can take and how to close the room in an ordered way when the limit has been reached.

Here’s a short list what has been valuable for the planning;

  • getting together as a team for this particular part of the MOOC, including reaching out to key persons outside the university to get a team with the competence needed and creating an atmosphere of feeling comfortable and relying on each other.
  • planning meetings in the Adobe Connect room where the webinar will take place; this gives an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the environment and at the same time design for the webinar while deciding on things (instead of getting things done after the meeting).
  • Trying to think of everything that could go wrong, and discuss how to handle it.

In addition to hopefully contribute to the students’ learning in this particular MOOC, this project is indeed very valuable as competence development to our team. We have already learnt a lot about webinars which will be beneficial in our other projects, and last but not least the team members who already knew most what is needed to know about webinars have learnt some urology…

We would also like to mention how valuable networking is, there is ever so much to gain from collaboration with others outside your own context – win win situations facilitate for all of us.

We´ll be back when the webinar has taken place to share our experience!
The MOOC “Introduction to urology” is found at and it is still possible to sign up.


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