Testing the WEbigagement

Brock Online Academy has tested the webigagemodel. We ran our first webigage webinar on August 7. Topic was to present the LMS Moodle to teachers and get them well on board. We applyed 2 steps of our webigage-model.

First we informed and provided the participants with our Pre-Webinar Guidelines.

Then we applied step 1 and step 2 from the webigagemodel.foto

Step 1 Board and Play – here the participants need to get on board the webinar system and discover the meeting room by socializing with pods like: ’How is the weather’, ’Your webinar experience’. We did that by testing some of the easy pods such as ‘Status Icons’ by asking ’If they had had a nice summerholiday’. The purpose was to make participants play with the pods to make them feel safe on board the webinar system.

Step 2 Contribute Online – here the participants are expected to interact with the content. We did that by inviting to chats on the subject and ran some polls on their experiences with e.g. types of LMS’s.

Our next webinar will try and apply all 4 steps of the webigagemodel.


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