Partner blog – Riding the webinar learning curve

IMG_20150919_123056One of our partner organisations is The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – Insurance Information to Employers. Here is Julia Utbult’s fifth post reflecting on their webinar development.

Time flies and so do our thoughts. We have moved from running trial webinars to implementing them into our ordinary offers for our customers. We are experiencing that the more we let go and just do, the better webinars we have. It is easier to deal with technical difficulties, moments of silence and the thoughts on how to build a webinar.

Our next step is to involve more of our colleagues into holding webinars/acting as speaker and host. Today I am on a train from Linköping, where I have had a meeting with a colleague that will do a webinar with me and Åsa (my partner in crime when it comes to webinars) two days from now. We looked at Adobe Connect, built an agenda and decided on roles in one hour. It feels amazing, and so much easier than I had expected. The more confident I feel about hosting webinars, the easier it is to run and engage others in running them.

I have had several discussions with another company that will use webinars in a similar way that we do. The discussions with them have been inspiring and led to that we both have learned a lot from each other. We are all new users of Adobe Connect and together we have been able to formulate questions and needs together. That have helped us to be “better” customers who can express specific needs and questions in a more specific way towards our support provider, who in turn has been able to supply us with what we need in terms of help. It is weird how hard it is to ask the right questions, but the more you know, the easier it is to be more specific.


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