Cancelled: Effective Webinars Project at Online Educa in Berlin



Update – Nov 25, 2015: Due to the policy of Online Educa not to allow live streaming we had to cancel our interactive presentation. We are very sorry for that and will announce an alternative event in the near future.


We are very glad that our workshop proposal for Online Educa, one of the biggest conferences about eLearning, has been accepted. It will take place on Thursday, Dec 3,  11:45 – 13:15 on-site in Berlin and online.

Everybody is invited to join the discussion.

Please, register here.

Opening Up and Internationalising Education with Webinars

Accessibility, inclusion and cooperative internationalisation have been on the European agenda for quite a time. The core European document describing this approach is the Communication of the Commission from September 2013 “Opening up Education”. Live web conferences and webinars can contribute to widened participation, internationalisation, virtual mobility and open education. Webinars are frequently used for synchronous online meetings with up to several hundred participants. All too often the tendency is that with more participants the level of interaction decreases and many webinars become simply one-way communication in the same way as the traditional academic lecture in a large lecture hall. However, gathering a large number of interested parties in one online meeting is an excellent opportunity to discuss, exchange experience and build networks.

Hybrid settings allow the combination of on-site and online education at the same time. Cross border courses can be facilitated thus connecting learners from two or more countries. This can be regarded as well as a form of “virtual mobility”. Furthermore a series of web conferences can be understood as a kind of a (mini) MOOC.

The presentation will demonstrate and discuss the following:

  • Hybrid learning environments put into practice with web video conference technology
  • Connecting two or more groups of learners
  • How to raise interactivity with appropriate tools and methods

In detail the hybrid workshop will cover the following aspects:

  • Short introduction and presentation of the idea and progress of the “Effective Webinars” project 
  • What is a web conference/webinar/web meeting?
  • Technical requirements
  • How can webinar software open up education (collaborative work)
  • How can webinars or web meetings support the concept of “virtual mobility”?
  • Presentation of the Webigagement approach live from Copenhagen
  • Game-based approaches in webinars
  • How to improve participation in webinars (tools and approaches)
  • Challenges to run a hybrid meeting
  • Feedback

On-site facilitation: David Röthler, Torhild Slåtto

The hybrid workshop is open for online participants all over the world. The workshop will show the opportunities, challenges and constraints of opening up on-site rooms with webinar technology. The general idea is, that online and on-site participants can interact via the web conference system. Wireless microphones and several webcams, notebooks, smartphones and tablets will provide the interface for an open discussion.

Please, register here.


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