Partner blog – lessons learned 2015

cropped-harry_bild2.jpgOne of our partner organisations is The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – Insurance Information to Employers. Here is an interview with Julia Utbult and Åsa Blomberg reflecting on their webinar development during 2015.

What was the aim of your webinar initiative and how successful have you been so far?

We have been running traditional training for a long time now with on-site meetings as well as telephone and e-mail contact. We are responsible for providing clear information about our services to a large customer base and we are interested in investigating new methods and opportunities. Webinars seemed attractive in several ways: a new and modern way to work, relatively easy to set up, a quick and effective way of informing our customers and the opportunity to save money because neither we nor our customers need to travel.

How have your customers and colleagues reacted to your webinars?

We haven’t marketed the webinars fully apart from notices on our website and by word of mouth. There are 20 people in our unit and five of them have been involved in running about twenty webinars during the year. We believe that more will be involved in the near future, probably as presenters. Our customers have responded favorably to our evaluation questions after the webinars and have also suggested topics for future sessions. It is very rewarding to receive such tips and be able to implement them very soon afterwards.

How have the webinars enhanced your customer relations?

Very much! We have reached customers that we would not have met in our traditional training sessions, for example those who live far from towns where we have offices. Even people we have met in other contexts have joined the webinars and we see this now as a good addition or complement to our operations. It is simply not practical to gather people together physically for a 30 minute presentation but reaching out to people all over the country who can participate from their own homes and offices and get the information they need is both practical and effective.

What problems have you had so far and how have you solved them? 

We’ve had a few technical problems. Our cameras have stopped working and the sound has sometimes been poor. The only way to fix this has been to log off and log in again and this doesn’t feel ok. Exactly what causes this; firewalls, bandwidth, the programme … well who knows. Noone else in the organisation uses webinars and maybe there isn’t enough understanding or support in the organisation for this type of communication yet.

What is the main lesson you have learned about webinars so far?

That webinars are great fun and rather easy. After a few tests we felt comfortable with the form and could relax, follow our plan and even react spontaneously. We have only just started and there is so much potential for our development as webinar presenters. What technical opportunities are there? What topics can we take up? How can we reach out?

What would you like to develop further?

We think that webinars have enormous potential in our business as a complement to other information channels. It is simple, we can reach up to 100 people from all over the country, it is cost-effective and fun! Maybe we can reach new customers who prefer this type of communication rather than on-site meetings and phone calls. We become more accessible to our customers and can offer national meetings. We can offer short information sessions in an attractive and interactive manner. It feels really good!


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