Join our hybrid workshop at eMOOCs 2016 in Graz

emoocsWe will be running a hybrid (on-site and online) workshop at the conference eMOOCs 2016 in Graz, Austria 22 February 14.30 – 16.00 CET. We hope you can join us online. Please register using the link below. Here is some information about the session.

Hybrid Workshop: MOOCs – Everything Open?
Is there a conflict between open and closed learning spaces? Can closed facilitate openness?

Online Room:

Feel free to share the corresponding Facebook event!

David Röthler,,, Austria
Alastair Creelman, Linnaeus University, Sweden

The issue of openness is central to all discussions on MOOCs and although there are widely differing interpretations of openness in terms of copyright, a key characteristic of all MOOCs is that they are open to all. Furthermore the process of learning is transparent. In this workshop we would like to explore the constraints of openness and whether closed or restricted learning spaces can actually improve an open course and contribute to the objective of openness. For example can smaller restricted break-out groups be formed for speakers of other languages to provide added support? Can the use of webinars for more restricted groups within the MOOC give a greater sense of belonging and contribute to better completion rates?

The (hybrid) workshop will take place on-site in Graz, Austria in the framework of the EMOOCs-Conference and online at the same time. This hybrid format is as well an experiment to open up usually more or less closed on-site events by offering online transparency and interaction. The facilitators will include the online participants as far as possible in the seminar activities and the conclusions of both on-site and online participants will be available publicly on a common online document at the end.

Please, register at so that we can keep you informed.


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