Webinars as a tool for virtual mobility

Group work in progress

We ran a workshop at a major Norwegian conference on Internationalisation held 9-10 March 2016 at the University of Stavanger (see conference web site, in Norwegian). The conference itself gathered over 400 people from Norwegian higher education and our workshop was one of many parallel sessions.

The main question to be addressed was how synchronous online meetings can enhance internationalisation, both for staff and students. We wanted to raise awareness for using webinars as a tool for virtual mobility, opening up classrooms for international collaboration and as an arena for cooperation between universities. The session centered around group discussions in the classroom supported by online contributions giving examples of good practice. Torhild Slåtto and Alastair Creelman lead the session in Stavanger whilst project colleagues David Röthler and Hróbjartur Árnason as well as a guest speaker, Alison Engelbrecht (Varsity College, South Africa), provided some best practice as added input to the discussions.

Some of the ideas that came from the group discussions were:

  • Inter-campus collaboration
  • Guest speakers in classroom
  • Networking between international coordinators from different universities
  • Designing new courses, working on case studies
  • Thematic seminars to prepare students for physical exchange programmes
  • Oral examinations
  • Brainstorming
  • Working on a common document

All material from the workshop (recorded webinar, slideshows, links and results of group discussions) have been gathered on the workshop’s Padlet wall though you need to understand Norwegian to read the group discussion summaries.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.06.45 AM
Padlet wall from the session

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