Workshop at EDEN 2016 in Budapest

8950402633_1b6941ac86_zCC BY-NC-ND Some rights reserved by DomiKetu

Our workshop submission to the major European e-learning conference EDEN 2016 in Budapest has been accepted. The title of our workshop is Effective Interactive Webinars: Methods to facilitate learning in open collaborative learning environments. Torhild Slåtto and Alastair Creelman from the project team will be on-site to lead the workshop and the other members will contribute online. The main aim of the workshop is to present the project findings and hopefully get extra input to our final toolkit.

Here is an extract from our submission.

A highly interactive workshop where a new toolbook for practitioners will be presented and discussed. The toolbook contains the results of a two year project where we have gathered and developed methods to make large webinars interactive and vibrant learning environments. The workshop will contain presentations, demonstrations and discussions in plenum, online and in groups where participants both on-site and on-line will discuss various aspects of supporting learning through synchronous online meetings.

The objectives of this workshop are

  • To present findings from an ongoing NordPlus project (Webinar – for interactive and collaborative learning) , which is developing methods to foster interaction, active learning and collaboration during online learning events such as webinars, especially events with more than 30 participants.
  • To demonstrate opportunities for opening up the learning space with technology and show how it is possible to activate participants in larger groups during webinars.
  • To foster discussion and exchange on the pedagogies of online meetings and gather participant ideas, experiences and reactions

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