Collaborative and interactive learning in webinars – our tips and tricks

harry_bildWebinar 2 June 2016. 1400-1500 CEST

Register for the webinar.

All registered participants will be sent the link to the webinar meeting room 1-2 days before the webinar.

The Effective webinars project is nearing its end and we would like to take this opportunity to present our partners who we have worked with us during this period.

In this webinar you will meet representatives of our partner organisations who have developed webinars for different purposes over the last two years. They will describe how they have used webinars and reflect on the lessons they have learned in terms of method, pedagogy and technology.

You will meet:

  • Webinars in teaching: Webigagement.
    Sophie Løhr and Lotte Nørregaard, Niels Brock Business College, will present how to keep webinar attendees engaged during a webinar.
  • Webinars for customer contacts
    Julia Utbult, Swedish Confederation of Employers, will describe how webinars have opened up new opportunities to meet member companies and inform them about
    employers’ insurance issues.
  • Webinars in a MOOC
    Maria Kvarnström, Karolinska Institute Stockholm, will describe how they ran a webinar as part of a MOOC on urology with over 5000 students.
  • 3 webinars – 3 course modules
    Astrid Høgmo,, will share some of the lessons learnt from their webinar course pilot, The Golden Years
  • Webinar for internal information and training in international companies
    Eimskip, the largest shipping company in Iceland: Hróbjartur Árnason and Eimskip representative recount how an international company with offices around the country and around the world can use webinars to train employees and roll out new methods.
  • Webinar for internationalisation
    David Röthler will present lessons learnt from International web meetings and how to extend a webinar with additional gadgets

The webinar is organised in cooperation with the Nordic Council’s NVL Distans network.




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