The Nordplus webinar project

Webinar – for interactive and collaborative learning

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 3.59.28 PMThis project is about exploring how to create online events which foster learning, interaction, collaboration and networking, especially in and through larger groups.

The project will produce:

  • Short case studies
  • Toolkit
  • Assistance to a selected number of organisations and companies which are experimenting with webinars in learning, training and education.

Webinars are becoming an increasingly popular arena for the dissemination of information, primarily in the form of online presentations to large distributed audiences. However current practice shows a tendency towards largely one-way communication, especially when the number of participants rises above thirty. Just as the one-way presentations or lectures are becoming increasingly questioned as an environment for effective learning in schools, especially in the light of the present interest in the flipped classroom model, there is great potential in “flipping the webinar” and creating an interactive collaborative arena even for large audiences. This has a great potential for adult education and informal learning.

Web conferences erase the barriers of geography and make it easy for anyone to join a virtual meeting from anywhere. The main requirements are a stable connection to the Internet and a fast computer. No special hardware is needed besides a headset and a webcam. Web conference systems offer far more flexibility and options than e.g. Skype. But they require some more effort adjusting microphones, webcams and to familiarise with the system. Furthermore an interactive and inclusive format has to be applied. It is exactly this interactive format the project aims to explore, and to develop methods to include interactivity into larger online meetings.

Meet the project team

More details about the project

This project is supported by the Nordplus Programme (Nordplus Adult 2014)


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