Our external partners

A central element of the project is our cooperation with a number of partner organisations. These partners represent a wide range of fields, from both the public and private sectors, but all are interested in using webinars more effectively in order to communicate with their customers, staff or students. Our role in the project is to help our partners run effective and interactive webinars and we in return gather experience and case studies to analyse and disseminate. Here is a short presentation of our partner organisations.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – Insurance Information to Employers
Finfa_logo_max40mmConfederation of Swedish Enterprise Insurance Information for employers offers companies that have signed or intend to sign a collective insurance agreement service pertaining to this insurance. The company uses the name Finfa in digital media.
More information in Swedish

__7827434Studiesenteret.no is a network of study centres linking 105 municipalities and five university colleges. At present the network consists of 48 operative nodes – study centres and campuses. However, the network is growing rapidly and will soon comprise every fourth municipality in Norway. The network is building a more extensive national structure for tertiary education and lifelong learning. The organisation is financed by the member municipalities, university colleges and the Norwegian authorities (since 2007).
More information in Norwegian.

eimskip_zps6d983e16Eimskipafélag Íslands (The Icelandic Steamship Company) was founded on January 17th 1914, making it the oldest shipping company in Iceland. Eimskip has from the beginning emphasized on shipping transport to and from Iceland, today offering total transport solutions around the world. Eimskip has offices in 19 countries worldwide as well as agents in other strategic locations. Eimskip’s goal is to provide its customers with all round transport services built on our dependable and efficient transport system in the North-Atlantic and transport forwarding around the world – forming an unbreakable transport chain from the shipper to the receiver.
More information in Icelandic.

Brock Online Academy
LOGO_pngBrock Online Academy at Niels Brock Copenhagen have successfully transformed online learning to not only an alternative to physical classes but to a better learning experience. We are first movers in teaching online within the e-tivity framework for upper secondary and vocational courses.
More information in Danish.


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