Further reading

5718319650_2522b420ab_nHere is a selection of useful articles and other material in the field of webinars and their use in education. We have a link collection on Diigo which we are adding to regularly. If you know of any relevant resources please contact us.

Webinars as active learning arenas (2017). Creelman, A. Árnason, H. Röthler, D. (EURODL) Article presenting the conclusions of this project.

Adobe Connect, Webinar best practices.

Best practices for webinars. Creating effective web events with Adobe® Connect™. Best practices for webinars (Adobe).

Blended Synchronous Learning Handbook (2014). Bower, M. Dalgarno, B. Kennedy, G. Lee, M. Kenney, J. Project report.

Collective webinars in higher distance education (2013) Amhag, L. ((Malmö University, Sweden). AACE, E-Learn 2013, World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare and Higher Education, Las Vegas, USA.

Creating a village: The impact of the opportunity to participate in synchronous web conferencing on adult learner sense of community (2012). Gable, K (Capella University, USA)

Web Conferencing – Key Market Trends for Higher Education (2016). Teachonline.ca

Webinars in higher education (2011). Mohorovicic, S. ; Lasic-Lazic, J. ; Strcic, V (Univ. of Rijeka, Croatia). MIPRO, 2011 Proceedings of the 34th International

Webinar Methodology (2013). Report from the Leonardo da Vinci – Lifelong Learning Programme project Webinar 2 learn – video conference use for adult learning.

A link to tips and tricks for running several webinars in one day (from http://blog.gotomeeting.co.uk/)

14 Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar (from http://www.convinceandconvert.com/)

 Online meeting etiquette (from http://blog.gotomeeting.co.uk/)


Photo:  Creative Commons BY-NC Some rights reserved by zandwacht on Flickr




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