Project team

From left to right: David, Lotte, Alastair, Torhild, Hróbjartur, Markus.

Torhild Slåtto
Flexible Education Norway
Flexible Education Norway (FuN) is a member association with 40 institutional members, of which most are nationwide. FuN’s employees and members have specific expertise in distance, flexible and online education for adults. We focus on developing new pedagogies and learning methods, also focusing on collaboration in online technologies. FuN gives high priority to quality assurance in online education. We co-operate with the education authorities and take part in many networks on national, Nordic and European level. FuN has taken part in the Nordic network DISTANS (NVL) from the very beginning in 2005, and has taken part in developing the webinar as a seminar method for adult education organizations and professionals.
In this project FuN has taken the role of coordinator, which FuN has done in several earlier projects.

Alastair Creelman
Linnaeus University, Sweden
Linnaeus University is one of Sweden’s newest higher education institutions. The university was formed when the University of Kalmar and Växjö University merged in 2010. We have approximately 34,000 students in 150 degree programmes and 2,000 single-subject courses. Our high-quality research has had an impact, both nationally and internationally. It covers the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering, and represents a number of well-established research domains. Examples are labour market policy, welfare issues and entrepreneurship, but also life sciences, aquatic ecology, and timber and energy technology. With 2,000 staff, we are one of Småland’s largest employers. Linnaeus University is proud of its roots in the Småland region of southern Sweden. A number of research environments are based on Småland’s cultural and geographical conditions, and many courses have been developed in collaboration with partners in the region. At the same time, we see no limits to where we can carry out our work – just like Carl Linnaeus. Our university settings in Kalmar and Växjö have an international feel and allow both students and researchers to participate in global networks. 

Markus Schneider
Karlstad University, Sweden
The main aim of Karlstad University is to provide broad-based, multidisciplinary programmes for students in Sweden and visiting students from abroad, while developing strong areas of research. Karlstad University offers approximately 40 Bachelor’s degree programmes, 30 Master’s level degree programmes and 900 courses in the humanities and fine arts, social and economic sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology, health care and teacher training. The University has an extensive e-learning programme with about 25 percent of the total number of students choosing to study via the internet. To meet future demands for sustainable development, much research at the university is multidisciplinary, and the ambition is to further develop its leading research fields, notably communication and services, pulp, paper and surface treatment, printing technology, packaging, the environment, tool materials, education, working life science, tourism and leisure, and gender relations. Cooperating with companies, authorities and organisations is a major task for the University. This cooperation is of mutual benefit and is part of the exchange of knowledge and experience that enriches both education and research.

Lotte Nørregaard
Brock Online Academy, Denmark
Niels Brock is one of Denmark’s largest educational institutions serving more than 20 000 students and course participants within the country, as well as over 2000 students in China and Vietnam. Niels Brock has over 130 years of experience delivering business and commerce education. We have built a solid network within the Danish business community – a community that knows us as well as we know them. Niels Brock offers more than 20 different educational programs ranging from basic vocational education via upper secondary school to MBA level.

Hróbjartur Árnason
Nám and University of Iceland
Nám ehf. is a small educational and publishing company which has specialized in offering in-service teacher training, especially for in-house trainers in small and medium sized companies. Nám ehf. has offered various services in facilitating smaller and larger meetings, especially when the goal is to activate participants, gather ideas and work towards a common result or goal. Moreover Nám ehf. has offered courses and coaching for specialists and technical courses leading up to international certifications in the software industry. Finally the staff of Nám ehf. have participated in various projects where the use of webinars and online meetings has been developed and experimented.

David Röthler
Our consultant is an expert in using webinar for interactivity and collaboration. The company,, is a consultancy and facilitator for international co-operation with a strong focus on project communication and education. It has been a provider of live online events and webinars for several years. The team members of organise international and national webinars in the fields of culture, politics and adult education. Furthermore has long lasting experience with participatory media approaches. With the rise of the Social Media with tools like Weblogs, Twitter, Facebook and Wikis. has broadened its activities providing support and consultancy in this area. has been co-ordinator and partner in various EU funded projects.