Videos in webinars

CC0 Public domain on Pixabay

Many people like to include videos in a webinar, often because they are more polished and professional than presenting live. A very short video can sometimes offer an extra dimension but in general they should be avoided for the following reasons:

  • Videos can be watched anytime. Your audience want to hear and communicate with you.
  • Video playback can be tricky in a webinar usually you have to upload the video file to the web conferencing server. Playing direct on YouTube via screen-sharing means there is no sound for the participants.
  • If you do stream a video the playback will be different for each participants depending on their internet connection. Some will see the film immediately but others may wait several minutes before it starts. This means your participants will be unsynchronized.
  • Thus it is usually better to use the webinar for talking with your audience and offering possibilities of collaboration. And if a video is very important for your message recommend them to watch the video before of after the event.