At Brock Online Academy, Denmark we’re working on best practice for interactive engagement in webinars. We are working on developing a model for webigagement. We have so far combined C. Clays’ ’5 Principles for max Engagement in Webinars’ http://netspeedlearning.com/greatwebinars/ and G. Salmons’ ‘5 Stage model for Interactivity in Online Learning’ http://www.gillysalmon.com/five-stage-model.html.

By combining and converting the two models into our webinar model we make a kind of checklist and framework for the crew who are running a webinar and a kit of pre-online guides: one for the e-moderator and one for the participants.

Also we secure that a sparkling line of interactivity progression is going on during the webinar session in at least 4 stages.

Skærmbillede 2015-04-24 kl. 11.38.29

The webigagement model consists of a pre-online step, then the basic framework for the webinar: Design and layout, the meeting room and The way to Build Virtual Presence .

When the webinar is running we apply 4 progression stages as follows:

Step 1 – Boarding Online Easily: testing easy pods , play and make the attendees safe on board

Step 2 – Contribute Online: interacting with a variety of pods and content of known knowledge

Step 3 – Shared Content Perceiving: interacting with a variety of pods and stimulating attendees to think, require them to combine information or provide evidence

Step 4 – Build Knowledge and roles: making learning sticky via cases, let attendees exchange roles, let them present and moderate etc.

Download the complete guide as PDF: webigagement_8-sider

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